Wide Electrode for High Frequency Device


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The Wide electrode high frequency accessory is to cover large areas such as legs, arm, the back of the neck. It produces mild spark and can be used for a general massage. The curved shape is very convenient to use this electrode to massage arms and legs.


Do not insert or remove the electrode when the device is turned on.

Remove and insert the electrodes with care as glass products are fragile and there is a laceration hazard present. Excessive force must not be used or force in a direction which will make the glass snap. Thought should be given as to where the sharp edge of the glass might go if it does break and the grip arranged accordingly. The glass may be wrapped in a towel or thick layers of paper tissue to reduce the hazard in case the glass got damaged.

Inspect the electrode before and after use for cracks or scratches. Exercise reasonable caution associated with the use of glass products.

Glass “sharps” must be disposed of in the proper containers and not in the ordinary waste-bins.

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Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in