HF Device with 4 Neon Electrodes

Perfect choice for beginners to learn high frequency skin care. Suitable for those who use HF device in home settings. The four most popular electrodes glow Orange.


HF Device with 5 Argon Electrodes

This high frequency device will be useful for those who want to expand the range of treatments. Includes additional Y-shaped electrode to treat legs and the back of a neck.


HF Device with 10 Electrodes

Advanced model that allows to perform different kind of treatments, including professional Viennese massage. The set includes neon and argon electrodes.


High frequency spare glass electrodes

Purschase additional electrodes

Whenever you need an additional glass electrode for your High Frequency device or the replacement for an old one - you can find them all here, sold individually or in sets. Argon and Neon versions availble.