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Serum ampule complex is a cosmetic product designed for a professional use in salons. It can be a part of skin care protocol that includes microneedling, microcurrent, facial massage, etc.
The complex is usually applied during the massage before mask application to achieve the best results. Can be added to any massage cream, mask, or other skin care product to boost its effectiveness.
The serum is water based, fast absorbing.

The Whitening Complex (Fair Skin) is a highly effective skin care concentrate that tones down skin pigmentation to create a fair-looking complexion. This highly concentrated ampoule solution can be counted on to lighten the skin in a gradual and natural way. It is also an excellent product for the fading of aging spots and abnormal skin pigmentation.

The Whitening Complex is the natural way to lighten the skin:

Promotes natural looking fair skin;
Gradually slows down melanin production to counter-act skin pigmentation;
Further decomposes melanin already existing in the skin;
Fights hyper-pigmentation by providing a gradual lightening of the skin.

Ingredients to lighten the skin in a natural way;

  • Arbutin (a derivative of bearberry extract) to lighten skin tone, inhibit tyrosinase and act as an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals;
  • Mulberry extract as a skin lightening co-agent;
  • Vitamin C-Phospate for the lightening of existing pigmentation.

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