Lifting Complex Ampuled Serum 1/16 fl oz (2ml)


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Serum ampule complex is a cosmetic product designed for a professional use in salons. It can be a part of skin care protocol that includes microneedling, microcurrent, facial massage, etc.
The complex is usually applied during the massage before mask application to achieve the best results. Can be added to any massage cream, mask, or other skin care product to boost its effectiveness.
The serum is water based, fast absorbing.

Lifting complex provides instant lifting effect due to the wheat germ protein that tighten the skin. Saccharides have natural moisturizing effect. It leaves the skin fresh looking and velvety.

The serum cannot be used as a single cosmetic product. Application of a regular moisturizing cream or foundation is required.
Warning: contains glass.
To open the vial, wrap the tip with a cotton pad and break the tip.

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