High Frequency D’arsonval Home Use Device with 4 Neon and 1 Argon Electrodes


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The High Frequency Facial Device, also called D’Arsonval is a “must have” beauty tool for every woman. It stimulates the skin, keeping it fresh and supports youthful complexion.

The static electricity impulses transmitted from a high frequency wand via the glass electrode to the face have stimulating effect on the skin. To maintain your skin good looking and youthful you need to spend only 10 minutes per day for high frequency massage.

If you are looking for easy and affordable skin care solution for aged or tired skin, for acne prone skin or to stimulate the scalp to have lovely, shiny hair – this high frequency basic model is just for you.

This skin care device comes with 4 glass electrodes that glow orange. The orange color indicates that they are filled with Neon gas.

It produces steady, stimulating energy that improves the circulation within the skin and stimulates the tissues.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in