Caviar Complex Ampuled Serum 1/16 fl oz (2ml)


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Serum ampule complex is a cosmetic product designed for a professional use in salons. It can be a part of skin care protocol that includes microneedling, microcurrent, facial massage, etc.
The complex is usually applied during the massage before mask application to achieve the best results. Can be added to any massage cream, mask, or other skin care product to boost its effectiveness.
The serum is water based, fast absorbing.

The Caviar Complex is a skin-care concentration based on a special extract derived from Zooplankton Artemia Saline. It is highly effective in treating damaged, stressed, dry skin and hair with outstanding protection before and after UV irradiation. Caviar Extract implements a real potential of energy, life and dynamism for the cutaneous cells.

Ingredients to repair the effects of oxidization and aging:

  • Artemia extract to fight the deteriorating effects of oxidizing free radicals;
  • Caviar extract to stimulate the metabolism of cutaneous cells.

Properties of Caviar extract:

  • It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, keratin, filagrine and keratohyaline, without cell proliferation;
  • Improves the general aspect of the epidermis;
  • Anti-stress and antipollution properties;
  • Repairs (slows down mytosis) after UVB – photo-aging prevention;
  • Healing ability: The skin repairs 20 % faster and 33 % better.

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