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Oxygenating Ampouled Serum Super Concentrate. Suitable for Galvanic, Microcurrent, Micro Neeldling, NEW SPA Skin Care Collection

Oxygenating Ampouled Serum Super Concentrate. Suitable for Galvanic, Microcurrent, Micro Neeldling

UPC 639767600590

Condition: New
Price: $29.00

Inspira cosmetics is a system of special ampoules containing the highest concentration of active ingredients for an extensive anti aging skin care that is fast, effective and easy to use.
It recommends the unique schedule of ampoule skin care treatments to combat the detrimental effects of stress, environmental conditions and sun damage, dehydration, sebum overproduction, A.H.A. Fruit Acid peel, over stressed skin.
Our ampoules contain the highest concentrations of unique active ingredients to provide special, fast-working, intensive skin care for those who want to renew and return to their own skins' naturally radiant and youthful look. These ingredients are imbedded in a unique fluid carrier that easily penetrates the skin.

Oxygenating Complex is a restoring agent of the energetic reserves of the epidermis to meet the permanent needs of the epidermis and to increase the epidermal energetic load in order to prevent exceptional needs. Oxygenating Complex is a reinforcing agent of the capacity of epidermal defense and repair. It is a real epidermal specific anti-stress agent against various skin aggressions such as micro-traumatisms, irradiations, thermal variations pollution. To achieve an overall improvement of the microrelief, Oxygenating Complex increases substantive hydro-regulating (re-moisturizing), softening effects and supplies an emollient to cutaneous superficial layers.

Oxygenating Complex . Epidermal, environmental defense and repair for skin in need.
- Restructures the dermis and re-actives Collagen and Elastin synthesis.
- Interrupts the aging process and induces a firmer skin.
- Gives new energy to cells to reinforce the mechanical properties of the dermis.
- Provides fresh consistency and firmness to the skin.

Special ingredients to calm, repair and re-hydrate.
Phytokine is produced by the bacterial fermentation of soy protein by a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum. Biosaccharides LS/HG is highly purified Glycogen powder of marine origin, extracted from mussels. Glycogen is a Polysaccharide, an essential bio-energetic agent for the living cells of the skin. Applies to the care of: - Skins with a lack of energy, tired, devitalized and stressed - Skins with a weakened potential of cell defense and repair - Dry, rough skins with a lack of softness

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